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festival 2020
day & night
sat 13-6-20

docklands festival 2020



On June 13th 2020 Münster, Germany will - for the 11th time - be THE place to be for all pilgrims of authentic electronic underground music, when DOCKLANDS FESTIVAL 2020 opens its gates.
For a sustainable way of traveling the festival ticket allows the use of busses & trains in the area of Westphalia (Westfalentarif) on the event day itself and the following day until 11am.
Docklands Mainstage

The unique event provides a day & night edition with 24 hours of nonstop program with BIG STAGE FEELING on 3 impressive open air stages at day and 12 Floors by night all in all including 100 magnificent national and international artists representing the underground electronic music scene. It takes place in the city center of beautiful Münster around the well-known Hawerkamp with its former factories from the early 1920s and the second city harbour.
Mainstage at night
15.000 enthusiastic visitors get offered 24 hours of pure euphoria with a line up which is more than suitable for the 11th Edition of Docklands Festival.

Get ready for the most impressive techno spectacle, the Münsterland has ever seen!

news 09.08.2021

news 27.04.2021 docklands festival 2021 – mission possible!

Dear friends,
we hope that you are doing well so far. It's time to give you a quick update regarding our plans.
As you can certainly imagine, all decisions depend on the infection process and are in the end only partially in our power. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic and still believe in a great summer with lots of events.
So we haven't written off the Docklands Festival yet. Especially since we have developed a smaller format of our beloved festival in cooperation with the city of Muenster, which a. is below the number of visitors of major events, i.e. below 5000 guests and b. becomes one of the model projects for Muenster.

Obviously, this significantly increases our chances of it taking place. We also think it is totally right that the model projects have been put on hold in view of the current numbers of incidences, but note that postponed does not mean canceled. Our concept for June 12th, 2021 is in place, all headliners are still on board and ready, so that we can react within two weeks at the moment the case numbers are falling due to the progress of the vaccination and the current measures. For this reason we will wait at least until mid-May and make a final decision by the end of May at the latest, whether we will let the festival take place, possibly postpone it a little or go completely to next year.
Either way, all tickets remain valid.
Thanks for your understanding and we can't wait to see you again soon.

Your Docklands crew

news 11.12.2020 docklands 2021 news

Dear Docklands ravers, We are moving forward with great anticipation and optimism and hereby announce that we have terminated the DOCKLANDS FESTIVAL for June 12th, 2021. In addition, all artists have remained loyal to us. A big thank you for this, which is also due to you, because you have almost none of you returned a 2020 ticket. Since we are extremely confident, we even went one better with our line up in 2021. You can find out which new headliners are coming with the start of ticket sale in early January! In addition, we are currently working on a new appearance and our mainstage also gets an all-round update! Why are we so optimistic? According to politicians, the vulnerable in our society will be vaccinated by early summer, probably as early as April. From 2021 there will be a sufficient number of inexpensive quick tests that will make it possible to only let those who have tested negative on the site and we also have the well-known mouth protection if necessary. Digital tracking will also be standard for events from 2021. Only the prejudices of politics could in our opinion still become problematic, which is why it is now all the more important to make the government aware that we have never been an ‚Ischgl‘ and that, unlike in summer 2020, a clear differentiation must be made in the coming summer and decisions must be made after weighing up the risks. Open air events with digital tracking and under hygiene regulations are just less critical than fully occupied bus travel that tile across Europe for 15 hours or all the countless restaurants (especially indoor) that were allowed to reopen last summer without any problems. We wholeheartedly wish you a hopeful festive season!

Stay healthy and take care of yourself Your Docklands team

news 25.05.2020 docklands festival update

Dear Docklands friends,
Unfortunately, the miracle we hoped for did not come true, which is why we have to postpone the Docklands Festival to 2021. The tickets will of course remain valid and all artists have declared their willingness to headline the event again next year. We are currently still negotiating with the city about an expanded area for the main floor, so that we can hopefully confirm JUNE 12th, 2021 for you within the next days. As you have probably noticed, we are also working hard on smaller events (TAKATUKA 100 - hopefully 500 in the course of the summer), which will make your waiting time easier and enable you to meet again with great artists. It also looks very promising for our The Island Festival in Croatia. The fact that it is a very small underground festival with only 700 guests helps.
As you can imagine, the situation is still an absolute disaster for us and one of the worst things that could happen to our industry. Especially as this whole scene is based on personal interactions. That is why we ask you wholeheartedly to hang on to your tickets and therefore support us actively so we can keep on providing great events in the future.
Every ticket buyer will be notified by mail within the next few days either from us or our ticket partners.
Stay safe and healthy,
your Docklands Team

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