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festival 2020
day & night
sat 13-6-20

age restriction?

Entry at Docklands Festival is for adults only (18+).
Please understand that we can´t make any exceptions because the festival will be running at night as well as it is during the day.

guests with disability card?

Guests that own a disability card are allowed to bring a companion to the festival.
Just show your ticket and the disability card at the entrance.


You can leave and reenter the site whenever you want to.
Just keep in mind that the exit is at the Hawerkamp and the entrance at Lippstädterstraße


Hardtickets are sold at our partnered shops such as Elevator.de, Auditorium Münster & 20zwanzig and Alohe Poke Münster from December 15th, 2019 on.
You can also buy your ticket online here.
Tickets are not personalized and therefore transferable.

vip tickets?

The VIP ticket guarantees access to the VIP area next to the first mainstage with its own restrooms, bars and chill area, as well as entry to our new VIP platform with a perfect view onto the second mainstage.
The VIP ticket also guarantees access to any club at night.
Free drinks are NOT part of the ticket.

issues regarding our ticketshop?

If you have any issues with our ticketshop please get in contact with the ticketshop immediately or write a message to support@ticket.io.


From May on the timetable can be found here:

parking lots?

There are two car parks located in near distance to the festival.
The cineworld car park and the one at Stadtwerken.


For the first time this year we will provide an EC cashpoint in our festival area. That will be accessible and available for DAY & NIGHT and all festival visitors.


We will provide food in several foodtrucks.
You can choose between Thai, Kebab, Pizza, Burger, Veggie, Fries, Frozen Joghurt and coffee.
(The foodtrucks accept cash only!)
Surely there will also be a lot of bars at the festival.
(Here you can pay with your tokens!)


Paying your drinks is only permitted by using the tokens.
You can buy them at many different places all over the festival.
When leaving the festival site you are allowed to change up to 10€ of tokens.
(You´ll have the chance to buy your festival ticket combined with 10€, 20€ or 50€ worth of tokens in advance)
Inside the clubs you can buy your drinks with cash.

self-brought drinks

Unfortunately we do not permit to bring any drinks (even water in Tetra Packs) and food on your own due to security guidelines, because our staff can not check every single bootle and so it is too dangerous to let flamable liquids onto the festival site.
Your safety is prior!
But you will have the chance to buy water for small price at the festival.


As usual you can bring your little bags up to the size of a gym bag to the festival.
Bigger backpacks are not allowed.
The bag check is mandatory.


We do not have a cloakroom in our open air area, but we provide a locker system where you can safely lock up your belongings and get them back any time. You can also book a box with the opportunity to charge your phone, but those are limited. So better book before the event.
You can book your locker box here: https://www.carderobe.com/en/rent-a-locker/docklands-2019/
If you book before the festival you can also save 1 Euro.
Important: You can reach the locker system until midnight, after that you can give your belongings to the cloakrooms of each of the clubs.

lost property

If you lose anything during the hurly-burly, you will have the opportunity to get in contact with the city´s lost-and-found office from Tuesday after the festival.
We will deliver all found clothes and items there.
Adress: Klemensstraße 10, 48143 Münster
Mo. - Th. 8am - 6pm
Fr. & Sa. 8am - 12am

drug policy?

The possession, use, purchase & sale of illegal substances at the the festival is strictly prohibited.
Guest who get caught by our staff disregarding one of these guidelines will be hand over to the police on site immidiately.
Besides that we reserve the right to send off the festival site everyone influenced by illegal substances.

tickets only for the night clubs?

All floors of the involved night clubs are part of the festival program from June 13th 10pm to June 14th 12am and will only be accessible with a festival ticket or a festival wristband. 
There are no tickets for the night shows only.

train ticket

The WestfalenTarif is a standard ticket offering for Westphalia-Lippe and is already included in the regular festival ticket. The WestfalenTarif combines the former five local public fare zones of the Münsterland, Ruhr-Lippe, Sechser, Hochstift and VGWS fare.